The Horseshoe Bend

Where nature leaves you in awe!

If you’re in Arizona and planning to go north past Flagstaff to page, make sure to stop at the Horseshoe Bend. It’s one of the most impressive landmarks (that being said even though the Grand Canyon is only a stone’s throw away) out there_MG_3468located just about 5 miles (8 kilometers) southwest of Page and Lake Powell. Don’t worry – if you’re going north on Route 89 you can’t miss it. There are these huge signs everywhere, leading you to a parking lot. From there you’ve got to take a short hike up a small sand dune and down on the other side of it. All in all it takes you about 20 minutes to get to the actual cliff, from where you can see the famous horseshoe-shaped bend of the Colorado River.

IMG_5587You’ll see nothing until you’re almost at the edge of the cliff and then you’ll be surprised. It’s a real beauty down there. A bit nauseating, cause the cliff drops around 1.000 feet (300 meters) directly underneath you. The red rocks, the green water and the silence of the surrounding desert add to the impression of nature’s perfection. Even though there are tourists and visitors at all times (and even in huge crowds) it’s a place of peace.

It’s super worth going there, you just have to see it if you’re in the area. But some fair warnings: You know, Arizona can be very hot during the summertime (with temperatures over 100 F – or 40 degrees Celsius). As the Horseshoe Bend is located in a desert, you can imagine that there’s nothing that casts a shadow. You’ll have to walk to the actual rim, you’ll want to stay there and take pictures and walk around a bit. So be sure to wear a hat, sunglasses and sunscreen with a high spf. If you have sensitive skin, wear something with long sleeves (we don’t want anyone to come back with skin cancer, do we?) and take lots of water with you. The hike back from the rim to the parking lot will be uphill, don’t underestimate it. The hike up and down is not barrier free.

Location of the Horseshoe Bend:

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  2. travelcoupleontheroad

    It was a bit nauseating to look down; so take a selfie stick with you! Also, bring water. But you mentioned that.

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