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The day we wanted to go to Antelope Canyon.

But didn’t. Okay, so a huge part of traveling anywhere whether it’s on the road or another _MG_3422country is planning. Unfortunately if you’re anything like me planning falls to the wayside.At least it did in the case of heading to Antelope Canyon in Page, Arizona. Which is about 223 miles (358 km for anyone outside the US) north of Flagstaff. Roughly a 3 hour drive with a view mainly consisting of rocks. Which is nice, but not three hours nice. On the way to page there are a few great stops, such as the Horseshoe Bend and some scenic stops for that selfie of you with the mountain ranged background.

Depending on what time of the year you’re in Page it may be very busy, hence the planning. Antelope Canyon is on Navajo territory which means you either need a permit to get around or a tour guide which can vary from price depending on which part of the canyon you’re trying to see (Upper Antelope or Lower Antelope). Some of the tours provide assistance in photography to capture those breathtaking pictures you can find when googling Antelope Canyon, but keep in mind: Those tours are a bit pricey (and you only get a permission for staying in there for like two hours), but for my understanding are well worth it.

IMG_5540At this point you’re probably wondering, “But Pablo, where are your pictures of Antelope Canyon?” And if you weren’t wondering, now you are. Good question. This is where the aforementioned lack of planning comes in. In our case a lack of planning resulted in fully booked tours to the canyon. As the entrance fee was steep anyway and it was about to be crowded (and very hot outside, too) we decided to just skip it for now. If you find yourself in the same predicament, don’t worry. Antelope Canyon isn’t the only thing to do in Page. There is also the Rainbow Bridge, which is one of the world’s largest known natural bridge, which can be seen by boat as well. If bridges aren’t your thing, there’s also the Glen Canyon Dam to see. And if you can’t make any of the tours I can still recommend to take a dip in Lake Powell, the water is soo refreshing in the Arizonan heat! Well, and if you still want to check out Antelope Canyon, make sure to get your tickets in advance. Best information is provided here. As the park is on Navajo terrain we would recommend to choose them as your tour operators.



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