Museum of Death

Spoiler alert: We’re all gonna die.

Hollywood. That’s where glitz and glam is omnipresent, where life is celebrated almost like nowhere else. The perfect spot for a museum dedicated to death, right?Because right off the famous Hollywood Blvd., at the east end of the Walk of Fame, there’s the (almost world-) famous Museum of Death. Artwork done by serial killers, artifacts of crime scenes, a collection of murder weapons, photos and videos remind every visitor of the one thing that’s sure about life: It’s gonna end sooner or later for everyone. Depressing? Nope.

museum of death

Entrance of the Museum of Death in Hollywood.

First of all: It’s not allowed to take pictures inside the museum, so I respected that and can only provide you with a picture of the parking lot. I guess it would take away a lot of the thrill to show pictures of it anyway, plus: I want the content in here to be G-rated anyway. So the museum. It’s not too huge and you don’t get an audio guide or something. So even though it’s small, prepare to spend at least a good 90 minutes in there, as there is a lot to read and see. The exhibition starts with some sort of an “art section”, where drawings and letters from serial killers are on display. It’s by the way the world’s hugest collection of serial murderer’s artwork. They show photos of the Charles Mansion crime scenes, the guillotined and severed head of Henry “Blue Beard” Landru, morgue photos, body bags, coffins and more.

Now – why would you want to go to a museum like that? Of course there’s a huge part of voyeurism involved but also I personally think that it’s also the fascination by the world’s last true mystery: What is death? What is after death? And for me (as a peace-loving woman) it’s interesting too to see which extremes within humankind do exist. How can a human being just end the live of another humang being? Why are people that violent? I liked the museum and how it makes you think about these things. I like that in the middle of a very artificial world (Hollywood) you’re reminded in a very impressive way of the profanities of life and the really important things in life. It’s not about fame, fake and fans – life is about living the best way you can. I do strongly recommend to go there; be aware that it’s not suited for kids though.

Further information:
The Museum of Death Hollywood
6031 Hollywood Blvd.
Hollywood, CA 90028

Admission fee ist about 15 USD, there’s free parking at the backside of the building.

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