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Dubai is for me personally one of the most fascinating cities in the world. But how amazing it really is, is something that hit me when taking a Seawings tour last February. First of all: Dubai is one of these cities you either hate or love. It was built only some decades ago, in the middle of nowhere. Big skyscrapers, luxury hotels and lush, green neighbourhoods, the famous man-made islands “The World” and “Palm Jumeirah”… For sure you could condemn the giantism that’s everywhere in the city. On the other hand: Without the vision of the sheikh, there would still be nothing but sand. Dubai has no oil, so it just had to find another source of income. So why not becoming the “Las Vegas of the East” and get wealthy due to tourism? See. There you go. I will post more about Dubai itself in the near future; now I wanna tell you about the waterplane flight above the city; one of the most impressive things I’ve ever done.

This one is (c) seawings.

This one is (c) seawings.

I chose the Dubai Silver Sightseeing Tour, with a total duration of about 40 minutes. The journey started at the JA Jebel Ali Beach Hotel, where we first got an introduction about what we’ll see. This is an important thing, because it’s loud inside these seaplanes and as long as there is not someone sitting next to you who can explain all the buildings it’s important to be ears during this part of the trip preparations. Afterwards you’ll get your boarding pass (that’s important: bring your passport!!) and off you go. Oh, when it comes to chosing your seat, make sure you chose one where the bars and wings are not in the way of your gorgeous pictures! I had a seat in the far back and it turned out to be a very good decision. My friend Raphaela got to sit in the very front next to the pilot, she also got some great shots.


Dubai from above.

During the whole journey from the JA Jebel Ali Beach Hotel to the Dubai Creek and back I was in awe. It was just fascinating. We saw the Burj Khalifa, the tallest building in the world, which is funny enough almost empty. We soared above “Palm Jumeirah” with it’s iconic “The Atlantis”-Hotel, the Burj Al Arab, one of the most luxury hotels in the world, and saw the whole layout of the city. The 40 minutes were over really fast and I wish it would have taken longer. It was just amazing, even though it’s a pricey pleasure (460 USD per Person). Make sure your camera is ready to shoot!


The Palm from above.

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