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Breakfast in a Bank.

Our readers know that I personally love a good breakfast, at any given time of the day. Pablo wasn’t the hugest fan of early morning food (throughout the day especially) until he came to Vienna. Austria is known for the amazing bread, rolls and everything like that; for very good coffee and for being a country where you find a real café at every corner, even in smaller villages. And in Vienna you’ll find even more cafés than that; the café here is an institution. It’s a place where business is done, where people meet to talk and relax and where people even go alone, read a book and enjoy their coffee. The typical Viennese breakfast usually consists of rolls and jam, a bit of cold cut and coffee. But that’s just the very basic breakfast. The one breakfast that convinced Pablo that it’s the most amazing meal a day was the one we had at Café Aumann in Vienna.


Seating Area – picture courtesy of Café Aumann

The café is located in a very nice area of Vienna’s 18th district. It’s sitting at a corner and has a very  nice outside seating area in front of it’s doors. You can go there very easily with public transport, as there are some station right in front of their door (such as tram 40 and 41). And inside – oh boy. The café used to be a bank and you’ll find some remnants of these days. Especially if you go down to see the washing rooms (sorry to start a post with that topic) – because they are installed in the former vault. The decoration of the whole café is very clean in colors and knick-knack but the light flooded rooms, the gold-dust sprinkled floor and the weird but somehow charming art installation downstairs contribute to a very cosy atmosphere.

The bar area. (C) Café Aumann.

The bar area. (C) Café Aumann.

And now let’s talk about food, cause that’s what we came for, right? So the selection of food there is just wonderful. You can basically get everything; from the classic basic breakfast to eggs any style you want them, to fried bacon, to fruit, granolas, sausages, even warm breakfast dishes and if you want, you can even get a steak or burger. See, told you. Almost anything you want! And what we liked most about it: The high quality of the food. Plus: They serve a lot of vegan options (not that I am vegan, but you know – worth to mention, in case anyone here is) and have a changing speciality “now on the market”-menu as well. And now a word about the staff: I’ve been there more than one (or ten) times during the short time I’m living in Vienna now and I always was very impressed by their friendliness and the pace they’re working but once. And then when I asked in a very friendly way why the service is not up to what I’m used to, they apologized and explained to me (and my friends) that they’re short on staff due to some unforeseeable events (like people getting sick, as it was the flu-season of the year). And still, the remaining waiters and waitresses were almost running and doing their best. So – that doesn’t really count, does it? We’re all just human.

Looks tasty, right? (c) Café Aumann

Looks tasty, right? (c) Café Aumann

My recommendations are: If you want to go there, make sure you reserve a table, especially at the weekends; it’s too good not to be crowded. If you get a chance to visit it during warm and sunny days, you should sit outside, it’s lovely. When it comes to the food selection: My favorite is the basic breakfast with rosemary bacon. And of course their café latte. It’s upon the best I’ve ever had. They get their own coffee blend created and serve more than 20 different styles of coffee-drinks. Impressive, huh? And you don’t have to worry moneywise; eating at the Aumann is not only worth every penny but also not expensive. By the way: If you like it as much as I do, you should come back later in the day. Cause it also serves as a restaurant and a bar. Cheers!

More information:
Café Aumann
Aumannplatz 1
1180 Wien

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