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Vienna is an awesome city; most people who’ve visited or who live here might think so. And I totally understand why they do. I’ve moved here about two years ago from Lower Austria; so far I’ve only rarely regretted doing so. Last Sunday I – again – realized what I like so much about this city: It’s green, it’s so easy to forget that you’re living in a big city here.

Starting point is Stammersdorf, a bit outside of Vienna.

Starting point is Stammersdorf, a bit outside of Vienna.

Together with a friend I explored the Cityhike No. 5 – in German “Stadtwanderweg 5”. It starts in Stammersdorf, directly at the final stop of the tram no. 31. It takes you about an hour from the center of Vienna to get there by public transport, but my friend Nicole and I took the car. As Stammersdorf is a very small village a bit outside of Vienna there’s enough free parking space everywhere. We still started our tour directly at the final stop of no. 31, because from there it’s easy to find the right signs to start the hike.

Parts of the way.

Parts of the way.


All in all it’s about 10 kilometers (6,2 miles) long and leads you around a small hill called “Bisamberg”. The hike is quite easy and leads you through a very nice variety of different landscape. You start in before mentioned Stammersdorf, a village that looks like Stars Hollow out of the Gilmore Girls TV-show. Then you walk along these very small cobble stone paths through vineyards and small foresty areas. You’ll have to cross meadows and walk along wheat fields, there’s some sort of highest point during your hike where you actually have a very good view to the city of Vienna in the distance.


Wine cellars.

Happy hikers.

Happy hikers.

Vienna in the distance.

Vienna in the distance.

Along your way there’s not only nature and beautiful landscape to see; one time you’ll pass a nice little church, there are some vineyards and even small “Heurige” (which is the german expression for a small establishment where you can get food like cold cut, bread, wine, ham and stuff like that). We didn’t check them out as we were not hungry or thirsty. It took us only about three hours to come back to where we started our tour from. It’s a really cool thing to do for a Sunday morning, for example – I can highly recommend checking it out. Even on a warmer summer day you should be fine hiking there. Just bring water and sunscreen and you’ll be fine. Definitely one of my favorite hikes ever.

More information:
Stadtwanderweg 5, Stammersdorf – Bisamberg



All the pics were taken by me.

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