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Somehow Las Vegas with all it’s fake glamour, the lights and the hopeful vibe made it into my heart. I like to compare it with a crack whore: As soon as the lights go out, it’s turning into something magical and beautiful, but as soon as the sun comes out, you can see that it’s a little run down. But still somehow fascinating. The Container Park in Downtown Las Vegas is something very special in a city that’s so much focused on wasting time, money and resources, on only being about quick fun.

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The Container Park is close to the Fremont Experience, on Fremont East.

It is located at the corner of Fremont Street and S. 7th Street, just a short walk away from the Fremont Street Experience, so the first thing you might wanna do is finding a parking space. Good thing is: There’s affordable street parking as well as parking at the Container Park Lot (for 3 $ per hour) and the Downtown Lot (for 2 $ per hour and 10 $ flat). You won’t miss the entrance to the Container Park as there is a huge mantis marking it.

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Watch out for the mantis!

The park itself is not too big, but it’s made out of repurposed and upcycled shipping containers. On three levels you can find small boutique retail shops which provide jewellery, apparel and accessories. There’s also an art gallery and 7 restaurants and bars with indoor and outdoor seating. If you prefer upscale dining you should check out The Perch; if you want – as my brother phrased it – an orgasm in your mouth – you should try Cheffini’s gourmet hot dogs. No kidding, they are amazing. We ordered round after round, they are just soooo amazing!

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Outdoor shopping center made out of containers.

The whole container park is built in a rectangle, so you get a really nice yard in the middle, surrounded by the containers. There’s a stage and every weekend you can listen to live music and watch free movies, there are events for all ages. Also make sure to check their website before going there because from time to time you can also join special events, like wine walks. Oh, and for all parents and kids there’s an interactive playground, ensuring that everyone just has a lovely time at the Container Park.

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Indor- and outdoor seating around a lovely yard.

Me and my brother really enjoyed our time there, because I think it’s a nice idea to support small Las Vegas based businesses, it’s also very nice to know that in most of the boutiques you’re welcomed by the owner him- or herself. The Container Park is supporting small businesses in a sustainable way; somehow unusual for a city like Vegas and therefore well worth a visit. It’s not too huge, so it won’t take too much time to explore – perfect ending of a day at the Fremont Experience.

More information:
Container Park Las Vegas
707 Fremont Street, Downtown Las Vegas

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