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Ever since the latest addition to the original Harry Potter books was published in 2016, the interest in the magician and his friends hyped again. And there’s one place, every true Harry Potter fan should go to at least once in their lifetime: The Warner Bros. Studio Tour – The making of Harry Potter.


The Gryffindor’s dorm all festive.

In Leavesden, 32 kilometers northwest of London, is where the true home of all of the eight Harry Potter films is. Because here, in an old aircraft factory, are the studios in which they were filmed. After ten years of filming there, when finally everything was wrapped, the studio was turned into one of the coolest museums I have ever seen.


The journey begins in the Great Hall.

The adventure starts in the Great Hall, from there you proceed on your own pace through the whole area, always with your digital tourguide that enables you to stay as long as you want (the absolute minimum time you should plan with is around two hours) and listen to original voices, see some short films and feel like you’re part of the magical world yourself. Thousands of props, iconic sets and costumes make you feel like Harry or Hermione are coming around the next corner like any minute.


You feel like aunt Petunia might peep out of the windows.


You know, just getting some stuff in Diagon Alley.

You can taste butterbeer, stand in front of the Dursley’s home, take a peek into Professor Snake’s potions, explore the Weasley’s home and try out your skills in Quidditch. You walk along Diagon Alley, see animatronic creatures and learn everything about how the films were made, you get a lot of inside information (did you know, for example, that the kids actors had a real school there, cause they couldn’t be bothered with attending a regular school?) and time will be flying. Promise!

More information:
Warner Bros. Studio Tour – The making of Harry Potter
Studiotour Drive
WD25 7 LR

There are different ways to get tickets, for example on the website of Warner Bros. Studio Tour, but that means you have to figure out how to get there. As most tourists might not want to drive or be bothered with organizing a trip outside of London, I think the best idea would be to book a tour that starts directly in the center of London. My friend Mel and me got us our tickets at www.viator.com, cause they bring you via bus from London Victoria to the studios and back. Prices start around 74,50 Euros for adults, 63 Euros for kids between 5 and 15 years old, those between 2 and 5 years pay 22 Euros.

As there is only a limited amount of tickets, we’d suggest to book way in advance. Oh, and there are always a lot of special events going on, and as we were there before Christmas, everything was dressed up really festive.

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