Nautical Beachfront Resort, Lake Havasu

During my last visit to the United States, Arizona, to be more precise, I stopped by at Lake Havasu, home of the famous London Bridge. I was looking forward to stay at the Nautical Beachfront Resort, as it looked great from the pictures. Boy, how wrong I was.


The area around the canal is nice.

First of all, the resort is the only one that has direct access to the beach of Lake Havasu. Sounds great, right? The truth is, that it’s a pain in the ass. I had a room on the ground floor and the view from the window in the entrance area was nice, I admit that. But you can’t really swim there, because everyone is mooring their boats right in front of your window. That’s not only noisy (especially a pain in the ass in the early morning, when the boaters leave for the day on the lake) but also dirty. I didn’t want to swim there, because due to the boats there, the water was oily and smelled.


Looks kinda nice from the outside, right?

On the website the resort claims to have a “heated infinity pool”. The pool wasn’t heated when I stayed there. Also it looked kinda good from the distance, but when you get closer, you realize that everything is old, not well kept and rusty. Like stairhandles and peeling paint everywhere. I can’t really tell you how the restaurants are or the service is, as I only got a coffee at the little Starbucks outlet they have.


The black stuff around the rim is black, smelly mold.


Don’t be fooled!

img_20160929_133519 The room was quite spacious, but it smelled like old, dirty socks. And now the worst of it all: The bathroom was full with black mold (unfortunatelly due to the bad lighting in there, my pictures didn’t turn out well). I’m so happy that I only had to stay one night there, because around 3 am the people above us started a party with dancing, so it wasn’t only smelly, old, moldy but also loud. Not recommendable for anyone who wants to spend some nice days; I think it’s only a good option if you’re are teenager and on your first springbreak. Cause apparently that’s what Lake Havasu is famous for, sides the London Bridge.

More information:
Nautical Beachfront Resort1000 Mc Culloch Blvd.
Lake Havasu City, AZ 86403

Prices start around 134 Euros per night.

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