Biscaya Tapas Bar, Vienna

So the Pub Crowd and me went into a bar… again. This time it was Bianca’s term to choose a location for our night out. Her choice was a tiny, tiny, tiny tapas bar in Vienna’s 7th district. If it wouldn’t have been for Roland, Verena, herself and Le Simon who where waiting in front of the small entrance I would have missed it. But boy, I would have missed AMAZINGNESS!



Verena and me decided that Bettina should order for us as she is the expert when it comes to spanish food (which is not quite true; we were just too lazy to browse through the whole menu). The three of us had a variety of cold and warm little plates of shareable deliciousness, like dates rolled in bacon, cheese, mini-steak, garlic paste, bread, grilled vegetables and so much more that was absolutely tastebud-pleasing.

img-20161117-wa0012img-20161117-wa0021I don’t really remember what the others had, but Roland (who took these amazing pictures) loved his dessert (Crema Catalana), Alex looked more than pleased too. And Flo and Verena smiled just as satisfied as we did. Sides from the really amazing taste the food also was delivered very quick and by the friendliest waitresses ever. They did a really good job and kept smiling even though we wanted to split the bill in a lot of weird ways. It was like a stress-test the waitress passed with a smile.

img-20161117-wa0017img-20161117-wa0019img-20161117-wa0024The bar is a small location, so you should make sure to book your table well in advance. There’s no kitschy decor, it’s just a clean and a nice place which has a non-smoking policy till 10 pm. Sides from reserving your table, make sure to bring a very empty stomach, cause you’ll be filled with deliciousness from top to toe in no moment.

More Information:
Biscaya Tapas Bar
Bandgasse 31
1070 Vienna

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