Down under the Bridge, Vienna

It all started 2015, when David Stellner, iO!, Isaac Thompson & Raphael Widmann, a bunch of singer/songwriter had the idea to perform at least once together at the beautiful Donaukanal (Danube Canal), which is basically a long paved walkway next to the Danube River and a hotspot during the warmer days of the year. You can find food and drinks there, people stroll it along, skate it or bike it. It’s just a nice spot to hang out, especially during spring and summer. But I’m babbling. Back to the Down under the Bridge event.


So these people had the idea to just take advantage of the fact that there are some spots along the Donaukanal where street performers can showcase their art without needing to provide a special permission. They put up a facebook event invitation, but there was no marketing, no entrance fee, there were no tickets and there were no posters or ads. But the word spread and after only a few days more than 10,000 people said they’d come.


It was a beautiful day in April and of course I was curious and joined the big unofficial street music festival, along with a huge crowd. It’s not really possible to tell how many people came to listen to the performers and to hang out with friends, but rest assured: There were many! I’d guess at least more than thousand people walked from performance to performance, sat down on the blanks they brought, drank beer they brought themselves and enjoyed the day. It felt like a family picnic, it was a peaceful, colorful and amazing event. Police passed by on bikes but as everything was just fine and it wasn’t an official event, they just enjoyed the day too. Big kudos to all the visitors though, because they took things serious when it came to cleaning up after themselves and to treat others with respect. Simply amazing.


Due to the huge success and the lovely response from the crowd, Stellner and his friends organized a second Down under the Bridge in 2016, and tadaaa – this year is going to be the third edition of the event that’s not really an event. And even though there were no legal problems whatsoever during the last editions, one decided to move the event next to Das Werk. It starts on the 23rd of April around 2 pm – bring your own soap bubbles, blankets, drinks and food. And like in the last years: Respect thy environment and thy neighbours 🙂

More information:
Down under the Bridge, next to Das Werk
Underground station Spittelau
23rd of April 2017, it starts around 2 pm
The event on facebook

All pictures are mine.

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