Donaukanaltreiben, Vienna

Whoop, it’s mid May, so the Donaukanaltreiben is coming up again!! First of all: The name means something like “Danube Canal Event” and is pronounced like [dough-now-kaw-nal-try-ben]. And what it really is is three days of great fun alongside the Danube Canal that crosses Vienna. As I stated in a previous post the Donaukanal is where Vienneses love to spend their summer – going for walks there, sit in the sun, get a nice drink or food and just hang out. It’s a lovely place and in time for the real real summer to arrive in the city I will post something about all the amazing bars and restaurants down there. But now let’s talk about the Donaukanaltreiben.


Basically it is four days of great fun, this year from the 25th to the 28th of May. The whole program consists of live concerts, dj sets, fashion shows, dance workshops, food, drinks and a lot of good vibes. It takes place between the U4 subway station “Spittelau” and “Franzensbrücke”, on both sides of the canal. You just walk down and join the fun, there’s no entrance fee. It’s just lovely, you can stroll from event to event, just do some people watching, get a beer and sit down on a blanket, enjoy the sun or join a sports activity or workshop.


Last year I went there to take some pictures but found myself making a lot of new acquaintances and spending two days in a row there, from morning (starting with a brunch at Herrmann Strandbar!) to late night concerts. The full programm can be found here – I really recommend the brunch… I just love food. 🙂



More Information:
25th to 28th of May

Best way to get there is going to Schwedenplatz, as it is the one stop in Vienna where a lot of different means of public transport go to, like the U4, U1, tram 2 and some more. Also you can easily walk down there from Stephansplatz (with the famous St. Stephen’s Cathedral), it takes you like 10 minutes.

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