Johny’s Burger, Pöchlarn

Some years ago I came across this little gem in Lower Austria because one of my friends had a birthday celebration there. Ever since I haven’t come across better burgers in Austria, and believe me: I have done my research. Johny’s is by now well known, you absolutely do have to reserve a table if you want to be seated. But what is the fuzz all about?


It’s the burgers, of course. Because owner Johann Daxböck doesn’t only serve patties in buns. The love for meat runs in the family, he is the third generation that’s dealing with it. It all started with his grandfather who was a butcher. His dad added a beer restaurant to the butcher’s which Johny turned into an amazing burger restaurant. The secret behind it is the 100 % regional meat, the patties and steaks are still made by Daxböck and the basic for a variety of delicious and interesting burger creations. My personal favorite is the King Luie (8,50 Euros). It comes with a beef patty, rocket salad, olives, cheddar cheese, parmesan, onions, salad and – most important ingredient for me – bacon. I love bacon! For my perfect dinner I always add sweet potato fries (4,10 Euros). Usually me and my burger-buddy share onion rings as a starter (6,50 Euros).


There is also a variety of delicious options for vegetarians, such as salads or the grasshopper burger, made with a tofu patty and garnished with different salads and a homemade apple-pear-chutney. Speaking of homemade: Did I already mention that almost everything is homemade at Johny’s? Even the sauces? Now I did! If there’s still room in your belly, make sure to try the mouthwatering dessert. Last time I’ve been at Johny’s we shared a dessert plate with chocolate lava cake, ice cream, cheesecake bits and more awesome stuff. It was simply fantastic.


Additionally to all the great food and cozy interior, Johny’s comes with a service crew that is attentive, quick, very friendly and efficient. It is for sure one of my go-to restaurants in Austria and I am positive that it’s the best burger restaurant in Austria. There’s nothing me and my friends don’t like there; and we are for sure not the only ones. Even the renowned “Falstaff Magazine” named it one of the best burger places in Austria. As I said before: If you don’t do take-away, make sure to reserve your table ahead of time.


Speaking of reservations: There’s another thing that’s special about the restaurant. It’s called “XXL Challenge”. And here’s the deal: You get a burger (1,3 kilos of meat, weighing 2,2 kilos in total) for absolutely free, served with sparklers, to the music of AC/DC and in the spotlight. The catch is: You only get the burger for free if you eat every single bite of it; and keep everything in your body for at least one hour after finishing. On top of having the whole thing for free, you also get your picture pinned to the “wall of fame” (currently less than 20 people managed the challenge!). If you give up before you’ve finished it or if your body gets rid of it too early, you have to pay (29 Euros); but what’s worse: Your picture gets pinned to the “wall of shame”.

Please promise me to stop by there should you ever be in the area. It’s just an hour of driving from Vienna and well worth the trip. Promised.

More information:
Johny’s Burger
Regensburger Strasse 35
3380 Pöchlarn
Lower Austria, AUSTRIA

Open Tuesdays to Thursdays from 4:30 pm to 9:30 pm, Fridays to Sundays from 4 pm to 9:30 pm. Closed on Mondays. Reservations can be made via phone under +43 (0) 2757 2336 during the opening hours.

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