Dinosaur Tracks in Arizona

Roadside attractions are a huge part of the whole roadtripping-fun. So when we were on our way from The Horseshoe Bend down south towards Flagstaff and I saw a sign saying “Real Dinosaur Tracks” I just swung the car around and followed the signs. Not cause I was interested in them but the person I was traveling with.


It’s just off Highway 89; if you look out for the huge sign on the left (when driving southbound) you kinda can’t miss it. There’s a parking lot in front of a small Navajo trading post, visible from far away. You can either walk around alone but we would recommend you to take the tour led by the Navajos. But be warned: They say it’s a free tour but that they accept donations. After our tour we were kinda charged, we didn’t feel like we had a choice, we were told that it’s ten dollars each. For a short walk around the petrified foot tracks that took us about 15 minutes max.


For some tracks you do have to use your imagination to see them, also for seeing the “eggs” and dino poop. But some of the tracks are clearly visible. It is a very special feeling to stand there in the middle of nowhere, above you the blue sky, under your feet the red sand and stones and around you just flats to the horizon. And then you have to imagine yourself next to a Dino. Quite impressive, huh?


So is it worth going there? It depends. Our guide gave us a memorized speech, and when my travel companion who is a Dino-fan asked some questions it turned out that our guide’s knowledge about Dinos was kinda wobbly. But if I look back now: For me personally it was worth every cent, cause my companion’s eyes sparkled, he was like a child, totally amazed and in awe. Seeing that made me happy too and it was kinda cool to walk around there, even though the whole set up seemed a bit shady. But definitely go there if you’re traveling with kids or an adult with a kid’s heart and imagination.


More information:
Just look out for the sign on Highway 89, turn left towards Tuba City. It’s located off Highway 160 and called “Moenkopi Dinosaur Tracks”. It’s located about 10 miles before you reach Tuba City.

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