Domizil am Zellenberg, Burgenland

Last November was somehow a hard time for me; so when the invitation came to check out the “Domizil am Zellenberg” holiday apartments and have some romantic getaway days there, it felt like a gift sent from heaven. Me and my special one started our journey in Vienna and it took us only about two hours to get there. The place where the “Domizil” is located is called Kukmirn and is in the South of the Austrian county Burgenland. As it was late November it was already dark when we arrived, also there was a fine drizzle of rain. The owner of the apartments welcomed us and showed us our little hideaway. Well, turned out it wasn’t that little after all.


(c) Domizil am Zellenberg during the summer

We had a huge living room, a spacious bathroom with shower and tub and two bedrooms. The whole apartment was absolutely lovely furnished and decorated and what I loved the most was the architecture of it. The rooms were connected with a long hallway that had those huge windows, giving it an airy feeling. Thick walls, a fireplace, a complete kitchen and stone floors completed the apartment – which was in fact a house by itself. After a shower we got into our plushy bathrobes, lit a fire and just enjoyed relaxed and cozy moments.


IMG_20161111_185232 IMG_20161111_185050

When I woke up the next morning I finally got a chance to see the surroundings. It was early and the sun was just about to rise, so I dressed in a hurry, grabbed my camera and ran outside. I had to capture the mist that was soaring from the vineyards, the sun that turned the frosty grass into a carpet of thousand diamonds… It was magical and wonderful and I felt blessed and grateful for having the chance to witness something so beautiful. After the sunrise I checked out the huge garden in which the three apartmenthouse that form the Domizil are located.



There’s a little pond for swimming during the summer months and a sauna with panoramic views, trees, a swing, birds and bushes, flowers and little decoration elements. You can see that someone – the owner Ms Buergler, to be more precise – put a lot of thought and heart into creating this very special hideaway. We would have had the chance to order a breakfast basket with everything we wanted the night before, but we chose to drive to Graz, which is a beautiful city close to the Domizil. We walked around, visited the clock tower (Uhrturm), which is a landmark there, and had breakfast in a nice little cafe (as soon as my companion remembers the name of it, I’ll write a review about it ;D).


We spent the afternoon reading, talking and having some fun (and a nap), before we drove to a exquisite restaurant (tryin’ to remember the name of that one, too) where we had dinner. But what’s there to do if you don’t like to spend the whole day inside? Well, you can go for loooong walks, do some sightseeing in Graz or visit one of the close-by thermal baths, such as Loipersdorf (11 kilometers away) or Bad Blumau (12 kilometers away).┬á IMG_20161112_121244IMG_20161113_105025The next morning – our last one there, unfortunatelly – was different, but at least as magical as the previous one. Because it started to snow. We sat inside, had the fire crackling, some coffees and just watched the snowflakes fall down slowly. So even though there are always special offers, such as “friendship days” with events like picnics and stuff, I highly recommend to go there with a very special person, preferably in November and December. Enjoy the company of each other, the beautiful surroundings and take some time for each other. It’s totally worth it and I enjoyed every minute there – as much as I could at that time in my life.

More information:
Domizil am Zellenberg
Zellenbergstra├če 13-15
7543 Kukmirn

Apartments are available from about 350 Euros for two people and two nights. Summer images (c) Domizil am Zellenberg. If you use this link for you’ll get 15 Euros off!

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