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During my second roadtrip through Arizona we stopped in Prescott, a little and rather beautiful little town in the north, about a hundred miles from Phoenix. Prescott is not only home of a nice selection of vintage stores and little shops but also of the Ian Russell Gallery of Fine Arts. We decided to pop in for a moment – and left more than an hour later.


The gallery is a bright and colorful place, it’s modern and it is a fun place. Unlike other art galleries I’ve been to it’s not an intimidating place with a few paintings and even less visitors. It is a gallery that introduces you to the lighter side of art, you just walk in and enjoy the exhibited artwork. More than 40 local artists of Northern and Central Arizona plus artists from other parts of the Southwest are featured in the gallery, such as George Molnar, David Lozeau, Don Rantz, Annie Dunn and Geoffrey Gersten. With Geoffrey Brown the gallery also has it’s own resident jeweler.


With this place, San Francisco born and raised artist Ian Russell created a source of inspiration; you can tell that more than 20 years of gallery experience have paid off, 10 of it he is already based in Prescott. Ian’s art is inspired by the fantasy art of Frank Frazetta and the modern works of Norman Rockwell. His work and the work of the other artists have their fun approach to art in common; they just don’t take themselves too serious.

(c) ianrussellart.com

(c) ianrussellart.com

That’s something we experienced ourselves while being there. The lady in the shop was so nice, explaining things to us and answering questions. I decided to buy a David Lozeau print and a Geoffrey Gersten print; and when it came to paying for it, we were told that Geoffrey is in the back trying to make Ian’s printer work. And when he heard his name he suddenly appeared, eating fries and explaining his art to us. He was kinda proud to pose for a picture with me. We really enjoyed browsing through the gallery and I am sure that I’ll come back one day.

2015-09-24 17.28.38

Me and Geoffrey Gersten; see how thrilled I am??

If you’re not close the area you should check out the online shop of Ian’s gallery, cause they ship worldwide, boxing and handling are always for free. If you are close to the area you should definitely check out the regular events that are hold there.

More information:
Ian Russell Gallery of Fine Arts
130 S Montezuma St
Prescott, AZ 86303

The gallery is open daily from 10 am to 5 pm, Sundays to 4 pm.


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