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Back in what I call now “a different life” I’ve spent some time in the little town of Sierra Vista in Southern Arizona. There are maybe not too many things to see for tourists but it is a genuine American town and I had every reason to love it. And somehow I feel like there are more cool little restaurants than in other places like that. One of them is the Philadelphia Baking Company.


Located on 268 W Fry Boulevard it is a real breakfast gem. The person I was with warned me that it might take some time as it’s a place people just love and therefore is busy at times. We brought a game of Chess but got caught up in chatting anyway. The waitress arrived immediately and took our orders; it has been some time and I forgot what I had but I can assure you that it was more than delicious. The cool thing at the Philadelphia Baking Company is that they can just make you whatever you want. Not only for breakfast, but also for lunch, dinner, catering and take away.


Everything is freshly made from scratch, whether you fancy cakes, fine pastries, coffee – everything can made custom to your personal preferences or dietary needs. They even encourage you to just ask for something that’s not on the menu. But to be honest: the items on the menu and on display are so mouthwatering, you might not even think a minute about something else than getting just all of them. In alphabetical order. So, as you might guess by now – this is an absolute recommendation for all of you who might be around in that area. It’s great food and amazing service at a reasonable price.

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More information:
Philadelphia Baking Company
268 W Fry Blvd.
Sierra Vista, AZ 85635

Mo – Tu: 7am to 3pm
Wed, Thur, Fr: 7am to 5pm
Sat: 7 am to 6 pm
Sun: 9 am to 2 pm

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2 thoughts on “Philadelphia Baking Company, AZ

  1. John Perry

    Well that is just a big fat lie. Excuse me lies. I wonder if someone paid you to false advertise for this establishment. I have been in there a couple times and their pastries surely come in frozen from a food distributor. They do not specialize in cakes. Their cakes are equivalent to Walmart cakes. Ask anyone else in town. This literally made me laugh out loud when I read this. I thought maybe this false article was at least several years old.

    1. Claudia Post author

      Dear John, rest assured that nobody ever paid me a single cent for my content. I appreciate that you took you time to write a (spiteful) comment; I respect different opinions. And that’s all we’re talking about here: OPINIONS. You accusing me of spreading lies or false advertising is a misconception of what blogs are about. Real blogs, that is. When I was there I enjoyed everything I had, the service was friendly and great… see above. Blog is blog. Tastes are different.

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