Fantastic Gondolas

There are many reasons why visiting the skiing area of Lech Zürs at the Arlberg is a good idea. For example the still kinda new Flexenbahn – the cableway that was added last year to turn the area into Austria’s largest contiguous skiing area. Or the amazing slopes, cool après skiing bars and luxury hotels such as the Zürserhof. Sides from the things the region offers during the whole winter there are also events and happenings that should be on your schedule. You know, written in bold letters, with a pink pen, three exclamations marks and some glitter. Like the Fantastic Gondolas.



It’s an annual event that’s going to be hold for the seventh time on the 9th of December, 2017. Various renowned DJs are going to turn some of the gondolas that take you up to the “Rüfikopf” mountain into floating dance floors, visual artists turn the mountains into huge projection screens, the village turns into a stage and the whole area is celebrating a festival of light, music and colors. I’ve been there in 2016 for the first time and I was stunned. It wasn’t only that one of my all time favorite DJs (Dr. Motte) had a stage on top of the mountain and then later on his own disco gondola, it was just an amazing experience in total.

IMG_20161210_221220 j-konrad-schmidt_fantastic-gondolas_lech-austria_20151212_dsc7537

There are only a few things that are less romantic than watching the mountains change colors while standing hand in hand on top of a mountain, while snowflakes twirl around you. And then you go and party your heart out, either at the mountain stage, down in the village or while riding one of the gondolas. It’s fun and it’s unique. I have to admit though that we didn’t quite figure out what to wear. The most important thing are warm and waterproof shoes, without question. We wore jeans and thermo underwear, a sweater, a scarf, gloves, a beanie and a skiing jacket. That kept us warm outside, but when we were inside or in a gondola, we had to get rid off some layers. So, yeah. Layering might be a good idea.

More information:
Fantastic Gondolas
9th of December 2017, from 8 pm to 2 am
Rüfikopf-Bahn, Lech-Zürs

Tickets from 32 Euros, available at

(c) feature image: Konrad Schmidt


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