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“So… what are we going to have for lunch today?” might be the most asked question in our office. Every week day around 11 am we start preparations for our meal. Are we going to order something? What is the grumpy chef of our cafeteria preparing? Will somebody go and get food for everybody somewhere? And most important: WHAT are we going to eat? It’s a tricky question as our office is located in the heart of Vienna. We’re lucky enough to work close to the Viennese Naschmarkt, a place where you can get all kinds of food, close to some hip neighborhoods with their food and are within delivery distance of about almost every restaurant in Vienna.



A few months ago we discovered the little restaurant called “El Burro”. I mean – it’s been there for more than two years by now but somehow it just took us a while to realize it’s there. But ever since we stumbled across it, we end up getting our food there like two to three times a week. The menu might sound simple, as they serve burritos, bowls, tacos, quesadillas and salads. You can chose from five different fillings, one of them vegan, and there’s always one special of the month. By now we’ve tried everything but the Octupus Chevice (cause: ugh. I don’t do seafood.) and liked everything A LOT. Especially the pulled pork filling and the peanutbutter chicken made it straight to our hearts. Unparalleled is “El Burgerrito” – with roasted beef, onions, cheese and bacon. Just delicious, even though sometimes we’d like to have our fillings more mixed up. They put it in perfect lines in your burrito, so there are bites with cheese only, for example. But also, we don’t know a thing about rolling burritos, so maybe that’s just how it is.


Sides from the food the service is one reason why we keep on coming by. Everybody working there seems to be in a good mood, they happen to swing their hips to the beats that are blaring from the speakers, the crew is cheeky without being disrespectful and you can always have a good laugh with them. The atmosphere in the small restaurant is relaxed and cool, without giving you the feeling of being something that’s planned. It just happens. Of course it’s not only us who appreciate their food. There’s also a university nearby so especially around lunchtime the little shop does get a bit crowded. Usually we just call in advance and then go and pick up our order.



Even though there are a few tables and even an outside dining area it’s more like a takeaway (self service at the tables). If you come around noon it could be that you’ve got to wait a few minutes but it has never been too bad. With their humor and entertaining way the employees give their best to make occasionally occurring waiting times less tedious. Also, the prices are more than reasonable with 8,80 Euros for a burrito. So, to come to an end: My lunchbuddy Liz and me highly recommend El Burro for your next lunch break or a snack while exploring the area around Karlsplatz in Vienna’s first district.

More information:
El Burro
Margaretenstra├če 9/2
1040 Wien


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The restaurant is open every day from 11:30 am to 10 pm except for Saturday (closed).

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