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As some of you might have guessed by now – I love Arizona. I love the vastness, I love how the desert smells, I love the Saguaros, I love the Mexican inspired food and the warmth. Even the dry heat. For me personally, Arizona has it all. In October 2016 I was on a roadtrip through the whole state and also ended up staying a few days in the very south of it, in a small town called Sierra Vista.


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The town is not exactly a touristy town with major sights but it does have its charm (and a few really good places to eat, for example The Landmark CafĂ©, and The Philadelphia Baking Company). There’s also the Kartchners Caverns State Park with it’s daily guided tours, the Military Base and also the hippie town Bisbee (with the legendary Breakfast Club) close by. All in all I’ve stayed three times in hotels in Sierra Vista and one of them was Sierra Suites.


The lobby is very generous and lightflooded, there was free coffee provided and the lady at the reception was super friendly. She provided me with a map of the area, a discount code for the mexican restaurant La Casita next door and some directions. The hotel is built in a motel style, so I could park my car in front of the room. The whole area was very pleasing, with tidy yards, seating areas, a pool area and a breakfast room.


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My room was spacious and clean, I have to say though that i bought some room scents as I didn’t quite like the smell in the room. It wasn’t a stench and I can’t say what it reminded me of; it was more like a faint odor. Also either I am a person who showers especially long or hotter than the average American but I always ended up washing out my shampoo with lukewarm to cold water. But you know… there were days when that was really welcomed as it was hot af outside.


(c) Sierra Suites

Now the pool area. Also very nice, a bit smaller than it might look like on the pictures you’ll find in the internet. But it was clean and in decent shape, I liked it, even though I am not a huge fan of plastic deck chairs. I only had breakfast there once, but that was also more than okay – if you keep in mind that you’re not staying in a luxury hotel and that a night there comes for as less as 53 Euros on average. In European standards it’s a two star hotel and it is matching all the criteria for those. Should you be in the area I definitely recommend to choose Sierra Suites for a stay.

More information:
Sierra Suites
391 E Fry Blvd., Sierra Vista
AZ 85635, Arizona

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