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Alright, foodies – this one is for you again. And it’s again about a restaurant in Vienna. Let’s face it: Vienna is an amazing city with a lot of dining locations to explore (and also, I live here, which makes it easy to do some research. Only for you, reader dear. Of course ;)). A few weeks ago we’ve been to a Restaurant called “Ebi 7” which is located on Mariahilfer Straße, Vienna’s most popular shopping street, and serves asian fusion kitchen.

It’s called “Ebi 7” because it’s in the seventh district; there’s also an “Ebi 1” and an “Ebi 21”. We’ve dined at Ebi 7, but the concept – a unique one (for Austria at least) – is the same for all three outlets of the chain. And it’s a special one, because it’s all you can eat but à la carte. That means: You can order from the Menu as often as you want. And that’s how it works: You get your table for two hours and within those two hours you can order via tablet small portions of food; six plates per person and round. And that as often as you want! There’s a small “but” though: Starting from the second unfinished plate you have to pay the regular price for every further left over plate. Sounds weird, is clever. This is to ensure that food won’t be wasted and that you only order as long as you’re hungry.

We totally loved the whole concept! You sit down and get your tablet handed by the waiter. Then you just click through the menu, order and wait until the food arrives. Everything is served – as mentioned before – in small portions, so you can get a taste of everything on the menu, if you like to. This way you can sit down, relax, eat and chat without being interrupted by your friends striding off to the buffet. Also, unlike at regular all you can eat diners food isn’t wasted, it’s not sitting around forever and it’s always fresh. I feel like we had everything from the whole menu and there was nothing that didn’t taste amazing.

From the sushi to the potstickers, the matcha mousse to the fried udon noodles: It was delicious. We couldn’t eat more than three rounds though and our favorites were quite clear after a while: Korokke and Gyoza with apple filling. Oh, and the spring rolls. Tables are usually only available for timeslots of two hours; which might seem a bit harsh at first, but after thinking about it: It never takes us longer if we dine out, so absolutely no problem. We highly recommend to reserve a table though as people (us included) love this place, especially Saturday night or in the evenings on weekdays.

More information:
Ebi 7
Mariahilferstraße 112
1060 Vienna

Lunch from Mo – Fr until 5 pm is 13,95 Euros for adults
Dinner from Mo – Fr from 5 pm is 19,95 Euros for adults
Saturday, Sunday & Bank Holidays: 19,95 Euros for adults
Kids pay 6,95 Euros (age 5 to 8) or 7,95 (age 9 to 11). Seems like you’re an adult as soon as you turn 12…

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