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I love spas, there’s no point in denying that. And what I like even more is getting a spa-treatment when I really need it. Like after a long day of sightseeing, shopping or (not that often:) when having sore muscles after doing sports. So when I was in London for Oxford_St_05the last time I treated myself with a visit to the Lush Spa in Oxford Street.

You might all know Lush; or at least the way their shops smell. Cause there’s no way to avoid noticing the scent when passing one of their outlets. While some people (weirdos! All weirdos!) think the smell is just too much, I love it. It smells like the bubbly bathing bombs or gorgeous soaps or tasty toothy tabs they sell. It’s all fresh handmade cosmetics in there, most of it is even vegan. And all of it was produced without testing substances on animals. So far, so awesome. But I don’t only love Lush cause of that. I also love their spas.

Oxford_St_269The one I tested is located in the basement of their flagshipstore in London’s Oxford Street. Right after I arrived there, I was greeted in the friendliest way ever. I had booked a treatment called “The Spell”. It sounded quite appealing, that’s what the official website read: “Immerse yourself in 60 minutes of reflexology-inspired massage, as your worry melts in a plume of smoke, stationary but stepping, with each sensation rooted in your toes, in the arc of your foot, but travelling over your body in waves.” Sounds good, right?

Before the treatment started, I had to answer the usual questions; you know, if there are any Oxford_St_184allergies, if I’m pregnant… stuff like that. After we finished the more mundane things, everything started to be more spiritual. At first I had to write down (in privacy) all the things that were bothering me. In some sort of ritual I burnt the little piece of paper with my scribbled worries. Then I was brought into a candle-lit and really good smelling room, where my therapist soaked my feet. She massaged my calves, head, legs and shoulders. While she did so, my worries were supposed to vanish, one after another. Of course they didn’t just go away, but the scents of the products used, the soothing music, the professional hands of the therapist and the peaceful surroundings helped me relax a lot. During these 60 minutes I could at least relax totally.

Apart from the spiritual experience it was also awesome to get my feet massaged. I had a three day shopping- and sightseeing tour before going to the spa and my feet did feel like they could need a bit of care and pampering. I really can recommend the Lush Spa Oxford Street to everyone! In fact, I will make it a regular thing to go there during my London stays. Not only to keep my feet happy :)!

Lush Oxford Street
175-179 Oxford Street
London W1D 2JS
Different treatments are available, they cost between 50 GBP and 285 GBP.
How to get there – Link to our map

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    1. Claudia Post author

      sorry, something went wrong with my first answer ? concerning the spa: it is unusual and looks vintage but it is totally modern

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