Star Wars Identities

Which forces formed you?

Okay, I have to admit: I am not a huge Star Wars fan; in fact I saw my first Star Wars episode after I visited the “Star Wars Identities”-Exhibition in Vienna.The reason why I went there was that the adorable Pablo spent three weeks in Austria and I knew how much he likes Star Wars. So I thought we could give it a go. The exhibition was shown in the Museum of Applied Art in Vienna (MAK) and it was – well, let’s be honest: cool.

Whoooooom - racing through the universe

Whoooooom – racing through the universe

At first we swallowed a bit, because the admission fee was kinda steep; we paid 22 Euros each. But after a short time spent there we realized that it was well worth every Euro. First you get some sort of audio guide and a wrist band. The exhibition is all about finding out how nature, genes, friends, family and the decisions you make during your life form a character. So the exhibition started with a decision you have to make: We had to chose from different characters our favourite one. It was saved on our wristbands. While we proceded during the vast area we came to different stations, where we had to make more decisions: The planet where we were born, our friends, our idols and so on.

A lot of the decisions were tied to the Star Wars universe. As I mentioned before: I have never seen a Star Wars movies before going to the exhibition, so sometimes I had to rely on Pablo’s suggestions. But let’s be honest: He might not only know more about Star Wars than me but also more about me than I do :). Some decisions though were easy to make; for example your personal aims in life. Everything we chose was saved on our wristbands and therefore added to the character we chose (and named) at the beginning.

Yoda. We him would have missed.

Yoda. We him would have missed.

But there were not only interactive things to do. They also had a lot of props, drawings, models, costumes and film snippings from the legendary movies. Speaking of films: in short clips we were thought everything science knows so far about the factors that form people (or Jedis or Stormtroopers). So we didn’t only learn about stuff and see props – we actually had a lot of fun and after some minutes of being there, I totally got into nerd-mode. Maybe even close to Pablo, who felt like in heaven. At the end of the whole experience we had to hold our wristbands against sensors and then were shown the characters we “created” according to the decisions we made. I was Elsie, a furry, light rose thingy, Pablo was Blankety Blank (on the right).

The identities our decisions formed.

The identities our decisions formed.

Long story short: It was an amazing experience and as soon as the exhibitions comes to your city you should be fast and get your tickets immediately. Take your time. And: If you’ve never seen a Star Wars movie before, it will add to the fun if you do so before going there. But you don’t have to.

Further Information
Next exhibition: 14.5. – 17.10.2016 in Munich/Germany
Admission fee for adults is about 22 Euros

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