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You might say we spend too much time in bars and restaurants – but staying well fed is a huge part of traveling, right? And luckily for all of us who live here and for those who visit Vienna, there’s a lot of relatively new and good restaurants. Like “The Brickmakers Pub and Kitchen.”


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I remember the days (it must have been back in the early 2000s) when at the location where you find this cool gem now used to be one of these just aweful restaurants where you could get a lot of food for little money (and even less quality and taste). But thank good, about two years ago the whole location got a whole new look, new owner and new restaurant. Owner Brian Patton did his research in California, London and Ireland (amongst other hotspots) where he got inspired and found his love for craft beer.


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A group of managers got together and formed The Culinary Love Band, which helped formed the ideas to an actual concept and later realizing the Brickmakers together with an Irish design team. The interior reminiscents of an old brewery with it’s copper tanks along the bar, where you can chose from a beer menu that’s astonishing ten pages long. (Again, just in case you missed that: You can chose from ten pages of craft beer!) But not only the many different craft beers from all over the world but also the cocktails and longdrinks are worth a try.


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Speaking of worth a try: I will never forget the super tender ribs I had there, alongside with a delicious bbq sauce and coleslaw or the pulled pork sandwich! Their speciality is Big Smoke BBQ – which I totally love, so I might be biased. Even though The Brickmakers sounds more like an evening location (which it is, but not only) you should also try their breakfast menu. It’s just amazing (but only served on Saturday and Sunday!). They make their own Stout Beer Bread, you can order healthy stuff like porridge and chia pudding, there’s bacon, meat and pancakes… simply everything you might desire.


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Due to their good food and beverages it gets harder and harder to get tables, so make sure you reserve a few days prior to your visit, especially for the weekend brunch! There’s absolutely no dresscode and sometimes you even get a chance to talk to Brian, the owner, who is just a nice chap. See you there, folks!

More information:
The Brickmakers Pub and Kitchen
Zieglergasse 42
1070 Vienna

Use public transport (for example U3 to Zieglergasse and then walk) to go there as parking is limited! Outside seating and smoking area available.

Opening hours:
Mo – Fr: 4 pm to 2 am
Sat: 10 am to 2 am
Sun: 10 am to 1:00 am

Pictures are (c) Brickmakers.

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