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Darn, it looks like I just have to write another post about food – even though I don’t consider myself being a foodie. But hey, we all have to eat from time to time, right? Might as well go to a delicious place. So some days ago me and a group of friends visited Le Burger in Vienna’s main shopping street, called Mariahilfer Straße.


This waiter takes his job serious!

Some time ago, I think it was June or July, a new outlet of a very small Austrian burger joint opened it’s doors to the very curious public. The first days were superbusy, so I thought I’ll wait till I try it out myself. I almost forgot about that plan, but then my friends Verena, Bianca, Betty and the rest of our “Vienna Pub Gang” decided that we should pay them a visit and test every aspects of the restaurant.

img_20161025_211349It is a very stylish restaurant, with swings on the lower ground, high ceilings, bricks and industrial décor. The ground floor is the self-serve area, which we hate. Like not especially their self-serve area. We just hate the concept of lining up and carrying around or food; cause that’s the point of eating out – for us at least: We want to be served and pampered a bit. So we reserved a table in on the first floor, which is the normal restaurant area.


I’ll work on my photo skills, promise!

What we thought is a really cool idea: You have buzzers on your tables. Everytime you want service, you just press it and a waiter comes – in theory. When we were there, it was really busy and crowded and our server did the best to be very attentively, but he seemed to be the only one working there. So no critique of the waiter, more a small hint to the management: One server more and everyone would have been happy.


I had onion rings and a low carb burger.

It took us a while to decide and to order, because you can not only chose between recommended burger styles, you can also build your own burger. Which is not a new idea, but it’s done so well there. There is a huge selection of free options you can put into it, like salad or grilled mushrooms. As I was still in that Low Carb vibe, I ordered my burger low carb style, in a lettuce wrapping. It looked supertiny but actually, it wasn’t. It was just delicious and I had troubles finishing it. The sweet potato fries, the huge selection of sauces (tipp: try the wasabi mayo!) and the mango milkshake were mouth watering too.

img_20161025_202816Roland had a stack of pancakes as a dessert and let me try them. They tasted good, but you know – when it comes to pancakes, I’m the most picky person in the world. For my taste they weren’t fluffy enough, the dough too dense. But that’s probably nagging on a very high level. I also tried their own version of diet coke, called Le Burger Coke or something. Nah, didn’t really taste like anything close to coke.


Our bill at the end of the night 😀

We all enjoyed the evening very much (not just because we were in the best company ever: us!). You could taste the high quality and the freshness of the ingredients, the server was charming and tried his best, the burgers and sides tasted delicious (even though the onion rings could have done with a little salt in the batter or a little crispiness) and we decided to come back again soon. Our tip for all you out there is though to reserve a table in the restaurant area.

More information:
Le Burger
Mariahilfer Straße 114
1070 Wienwww.leburger.at

Open Monday to Saturday from 9 am to midnight, Sundays and on bank holidays from 11 am to 11 pm. Prices are very reasonable, low carb and vegetarian options available.

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