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Travellers are collectors. We collect stamps in our passports, ticket stubs and pictures. But most important of all: We collect and create memories. And if you don’t only want to keep them in your heart, why not wearing them on your wrist? When I saw the El Camino Bracelets for the first time, I just knew I had to have one. Now that I do, I can tell you what I think about it.


So, first you choose the color of the bracelet, by now there are about six colors available, you can either have a single or a double wrapped cord. Then the fun starts: You add your different “steps” to your bracelet. There are bigger steps for different countries and smaller steps for certain sights, such as the Taj Mahal, and cities. The glass steps are representing different regions. And if you want to separate them, there are spacers made out of sustainable coconut. By now there is already a huge selection of already made steps, but you can also customize them, for example with the name of a person you travelled with.


All of the parts are handmade in England, the steel used for clasps, country steps and small steps are made out of hand polished surgical stainless steel. Considering that it’s understandable that collecting your memories this way is maybe not the cheapest thing to do. The cheapest bracelet is available for about 25 Euros, every step costs between 10 and 13 Euros. So if you want the bracelet + 2 country steps + 2 regions steps + 2 small steps + 1 custom step, your bill adds up to about 100 Euros. Delivery is free if you order for more than 115 Euros, otherwise you’re charged 6 Euros for deliveries within Europe.


I love the bracelet, because every time I glance at my wrist I remember all the fun I had in the different cities and countries. But also it’s not a very elegant thing, the whole bracelet is a bit bold – which is okay but if I wear a dress or something more formal I prefer more decent jewelery.

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    1. Claudia Post author

      that’s true! Mine is getting well filled and I might need another one soon 🙂 How are you doing? I’m well, still working a lot. I gotta check out your latest postings, I was a bit lazy with reading lately, i’m sorry

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